Practical Benefits of Leasing Office Furniture

The rise of start-up and co-working culture has seen these new age offices choosing to lease furniture instead of owning them. Leasing office furniture could help new start-ups with a small budget to have the perfect office look even when they can’t afford the extra expense. In most of the cases, start-ups in their initial age work from small office space, but as the ecosystem suggest, that the growth can be unpredictable, companies may have an immediate need of expanding their team and thereby, space. Leasing the furniture helps them to cut the cost of shifting and have direct access to many new furniture and technology.

The New way of working

The concept of leasing is trending as the leasing companies are also allowing businesses to buy the furniture, they have been leasing. This could also be a way to try before you buy. You can rent the furniture for a minimum time span, and then buy the same if you find it works well within your organisation.

A smart way to furnish your business.

When a business looks at establishing up or relocating to new premises, leasing is the smart way to go. When it comes to fitting that space out with furniture, traditionally that organisation would purchase it as a capital item and then depreciate it over 3 - 7 years. With the combination of fluid and agile workspace design, technological progressions and an expanded expectation of flexible workplaces, how and where we work have changed. With a downturn in conventional offices, a common approach to furniture acquisition won’t always deliver what an industry truly needs. “Leasing gives you a simple and affordable way to invest in crucial business assets, without tying up your working capital.”

So why lease?

  • Leasing is practical and cost-effective
  • A great way to acquire important assets while keeping the cash in your business.
  • Having the right solution at the right time.
  • Rather than an upfront cost, you pay the lease back over time in fixed monthly payments.
  • Makes Budgeting easier.
  • Smart use of cash flow – Monthly repayments are structured to suit your operating needs, lease as you go and invest capital back into your business.
  • Does not burden the company's liquidity
  • Rent or lease payments are easy to adapt to seasonal fluctuations in the company's business
  • Tax Benefits – operating leases are usually 100% tax deductible (check with your tax advisor as individual circumstances may differ)
  • Reduced risk of obsolescence – leasing allows you to refresh or upgrade your furniture when you need it, rather than waiting until the book value has been depreciated
  • Reasonable Starting Capital
  • Custom Designing your package is an option - in case of unique requirements.
  • When reselling, getting a fair price for furniture is a great annoyance in itself. If it’s likely at all.
  • Having the flexibility of exchanging.
  • Choosing the desired tenure - Freedom of choosing a tenure as long as you want is what most companies really appreciate.
  • No more waiting - Now you do not need to wait to make your office the most luxurious and competitive. Just decide what all you need...


Leasing furniture is not only money and effort saving but gives you a thrill of acquiring something contemporary and modern yet very much required. Accepting change is a notion of growth and growth is life. So start living and start leasing. We also recommend you seek advice from your accounting professional, as business models do vary. See some examples Here.
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