Ergostyle is a team of dedicated professionals with a clear vision and focus on 3 core Markets, Commercial Ergonomic Furniture Fit-Outs, Occupational Health Solutions, Design and Consultancy. Our multi-disciplinary team forges the path in emerging work trends, with a manufacturing and design lead vision of future work spaces.

Ergostyle provides ergonomic solutions to office fit-out through design and production of ergonomic office furniture. With maximizing work spaces as primary design factor, Ergostyle reinvents workstations, seating, and computer desks.

We provide ergonomic consultancy on space planning, spatial design and custom furniture design, all adhering to occupational health and environment policies.

Ergostyle Environmental Management

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering sustainable ergonomic products and design.

Whether it’s our ergonomic office furniture, occupational health and ergonomic consulting that we are delivering, our advocacy for the protection and preservation of the environment stands out. For Ergostyle, environment management is essential.

We deal with primary suppliers that are already ISO 14001. Our other suppliers are advocates of sound environmental management through GECA certified furniture (Good Environment Choice Australia) and GFCNZ.

This affirms our strong support for sustainable policies that empowers us to create ergonomic solutions founded on sustainable practice.

How do we contribute to sustainable practices?

Ergostyle Ergonomic Solutions applies sustainable practice in making and promoting sustainable products and services for corporate and commercial workstations, office seating, storage, lounge, accessories, tables, and hospitality.

Ergostyle sustainable practice involves choosing materials and applying processes that have zero to minimum environmental impact as well as to occupational health and safety. This includes steel-framed workstations, metal storage, aluminium components, powder coated finish, E0 rated board, steel-framed seating, CFC free foam, NZ wool and eco fabrics, PP and ABS Plastics.

Other ways Ergostyle contribute to Environmental Management:

  • Aim to flat pack all products to reduce packaging waste
  • We have an in-house recycling system for all card, paper, glass and electronics
  • We have a lights-out policy outside of work hours
  • Consolidate all appointments to reduce vehicles on the road
  • Continue to educate clients on GREEN products