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$675.00 $709.00
Team flip tables provide maximum flexibility and superior function. Team tables also incorporate a proprietary locking system that enables all the tables to be locked together to create larger boardroom type tables. Requires assembly we can provide additional quote for this. The team flip table provides maximum flexibility and superior...
$675.00 $709.00
Team table comes in a wide variety of configurations, using an elegant cast leg with inbuilt cable management makes the system more functional than most other tables. Team table is a simple and elegant table, legs comes in either polished alloy or powder-coated silver, black or white. Whilst there are...
Diva1.1_Narrow-Rectangle_4Legs (1)
Introducing Diva 1.1 Table – the younger sister of the beloved Diva. Showcasing the same striking wooden exterior, and featuring a cleaner, more streamlined design, Diva 1.1 offers a more cost-effective and flexible solution for the modern workplace. Introducing Diva 1.1 Table – the younger sister of the beloved Diva....
-link-table-natural (3)
Ergostyle -link-table-Black (1)
$339.00 $369.00
This is a versatile laptop table, that can be used upright or face down. Ideal for small spaces The Link table is a versatile laptop table that can sit upright or face down as a coffee table. Ideal for smaller spaces, and adaptive workspaces. Made from heavy-duty plywood laminate, that...
$339.00 $369.00
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$1,999.00 $2,142.00
Herman Miller Embody Chair
Herman Miller Sayl Chair
Herman-Miller--mirra2 front
STS 2 Sit to Stand Electric
STS 2 Electric Sit to Stand
Team Air Chair
Team Air Chair
STS 3 Sit to Stand Electric
STS 3 Sit to Stand Electric
Desk Top Raiser 3
Desk Top Raiser 1
$494.00 $539.00
MUVMan Perching Stool
Muvman scene
Lab Tech Chair
Fit Desk Standing
Linak Desk Control App
Bambach Saddle Seat
Hush Acoustic Hood
Hush Acoustic Hood
Cloud Mesh Back Chair
Cloud Mesh Back Chair
$799.00 $899.00
Dyan Perching Stool
Standing Desk Perching Stool
HÅG Capisco Chair
HAG-capisco (28)_500 Backwards
Control Room Chair
FOCUS-polyester-panel-3d-Cut-Ergostyle-Ergonomics (6)
FOCUS-polyester-panel-3d-Cut-Ergostyle-Ergonomics (8)
$899.00 $999.00
New Arrivals
Ovidio Chair
Ovidio Chair
$865.00 $915.00
Lift Aluminium Laptop Stand
Lift Aluminium Laptop Stand
Desk Cubby Acoustic Screen
Desk Cubby Acoustic Screen
$299.00 $359.00
Konfurb Harmony 4 Star Chair
Konfurb Harmony 4 Star Chair
Fluteline Footrest
Fluteline Footrest
$109.00 $129.00
Platoon Acoustic Screen
Platoon Acoustic Screen
$2,298.85 $2,999.00
Office Side Perspex Screen
Office Side Perspex Screen
$315.00 $349.00
Desktop Charger
Desktop Charger
$169.00 $199.00
Visidec LCD Arm
Visidec LCD Arm
$194.00 $209.00
Humanscale M2.1 LCD Arm
Humanscale M2.1 LCD Arm
$291.00 $339.00
Slim Under Desk Drawer
Slim Under Desk Drawer
Humancale world chair armless
Humancale world chair arms
$830.00 $948.00
Hush Meet S White Pelikan Silver acoustic office pod
$26,799.00 $27,999.00