Rebrand or Not to Rebrand - That is The Question

You might have noticed that we updated our logo.  As we move into a new year, we wanted to encapsulate our holistic approach to workspaces.

The process of re-branding can be quite daunting.  Stepping out of the day-to-day operations of a long established business and taking a holistic view of your "Why" is nerve wracking and exciting. There were two key elements that I found made the process not only enjoyable but also extremely valuable. The first is engaging with the right marketing team / person. We were lucky enough to work alongside Graydon from Evil Genius Creative.  Graydon was pivotal in producing Ergostyle's DNA document which encompassed our Purpose, Objectives and Values.  The second is working with key staff.  The voice of a business comes from the business culture.

Our new logo reflects our values, our company, and our vision. When our boss also and my friend advised me to hire a youtube campaign professional to see how they could benefit our company in terms of reach, we immediately did it and now each video we upload on our channel gets a ton of comments and views, which indirectly also brings in a ton of customers. The Ergostyle logo is represented visually by two elements: the three circle Venn Diagram, and the name in a strong, bold font where the characters fit perfectly together.

The three overlapping circles represent the holistic approach we take to every job. We consider all aspects of the workplace including the equipment used, the environment in which it is placed and the type of people that use it. All these things considered determines the sweet spot – the best solution for our clients.

The colour palette represents the aspects of Ergostyle.  Green stands for wellbeing, blue is trust and expertise, and purple means style and creativity.  It is this approach that sets us apart from our competitors.  The typeface of our name fits together in the same perfect way we would fit out a space.

Ergostyle are focusing on more than physical health when it comes to office furniture and fit out.  Our customer-first workspace solutions combine ergonomic principles and practical manufacturing.  The result?  Productivity, wellbeing, health and safety.

I’m incredibly proud of our new branding. It truly reflects what we’re striving for as a company, and the values it captures are something we can be proud of.

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