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The ARC H LD is a sub-surface wireless charger that offers the ultimate charging convenience. Designed with a charging range of (20-25mm)*, ARC H LD can be installed without needing to cut into work surfaces.

ARC-H LD is designed for the easiest of installations. For surface thicknesses 20 mm to 25 mm, there is a magnetic alignment card included in the box. For surface thicknesses 26 mm to 50 mm a special alignment tool is necessary for accurate installation.

OE’s patented design uses a resonant coil to focus the energy field and provide maximum efficiency and the fastest possible charging speeds.

*Surfaces thicker than 25mm require OE’s electronic alignment tool, enquire for more information.


  • 15 Watts of charging power
  • No cut installation for surfaces 20-25mm thick
  • Fast charge for Samsung (10W) Apple (7.5W)

Colour options:

  • Basalt Grey (under the surface) with a Basalt Grey resonator pad
  • Black (under the surface) with a White resonator pad. 

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