HÅG Capisco Chair 8106

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Style: White Base
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HÅG Capisco chair 8106 with a saddle seat which can be adjusted for either sitting, perching or standing workstations. This seating allows for a number of different unique seating positions – facing forward, turned to the side or even facing backwards. It allows the user to be more mobile in their movements which has been found to be beneficial for health as opposed to being static. The seat height, seat depth and back height are all adjustable. The unique base incorporates a foot support.

If you’re into innovation, HÅG Capisco chair 8106 is the office chair for you. You won’t find another office chair so well suited to work surfaces at different heights or to height-adjustable desks. In a HÅG Capisco, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side, allowing you a broad reach. The chair has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic design. It has also been a forerunner in terms of environmentally friendly design and still has a very strong environmental profile compared to its competitors. You can choose a HÅG Capisco in good conscience.

Colour choices: Black or white base, Chair material - Black, Light Grey, Light Blush, Dark Teal. Please inquire for other colour choices.

Optional upgrades: Polished aluminium base available on request. Please check for current stock or indent options

Dimensions: seat: 490mm wide x 370mm depth; 810 seat depth: 370-460; seat height: 410-550; back height: 480mm

Warranty: 10 years

Origin: Made in Norway

Capisco Fact Sheet PDF

Greenguard Certification PDF

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