Herman Miller Cosm Chair

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Style: No Arms
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With its sophisticated ergonomic design, the Cosm Chair instantly responds to your body, providing natural movement and posture support. The comfort of the Cosm is unique, so much so, you may even forget you are sitting in an office chair.

The Cosm’s revolutionary Auto-Harmonic Tilt does just that— putting the person first and responding to them, no matter their posture—for total support. Available in three different back heights, as well as a stool, Cosm gives you a new experience of comfort—anywhere you work.

A tilt is to a chair what a transmission is to a car, and like transmissions, some are manual, and others, such as Cosm’s, are automatic. With other self-adjusting models, the chair forces the body to conform to the tilt’s movement. Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt puts the person first and responds to them—no matter their posture—providing a balanced recline and personalized comfort.

Studio 7.5 and Herman Miller perfected the self-adjusting tilt by inventing and engineering a complex, finely tuned mechanism.

Accounting for the sitter’s vertical force, the gears within the tilt move the fulcrum along a leaf spring to automatically adjust the tilt’s tension.

The consecutive contour of the chair’s Intercept Suspension envelops each person’s individual form, delivering dynamic, uninterrupted support. It clips into the thin but strong frame, which feels nearly non-existent and offers support while flexing so you can comfortably move your upper body.

Cosm’s innovative new Leaf Arms—the first of their kind—feature a soft but firm cradle design that provides a large, cozy resting place for your elbows. The armrests make holding a phone or book natural and comfortable, and the angle of the arms mean they don’t get in the way of a work surface when it’s time to get back online.



    • Colourful: Three dipped-in-colour hues – Canyon, Glacier and Nightfall.
    • Leaf Arms
    • Firm cradle design
    • Auto-Harmonic Tilt: No Adjustments Necessary
    • Intercept Suspension:
    • Seamless Support
    • Flexible Frame
    • Comfort Of Motion


    • Low-Back
      Depth: 67.8 cm
      Width: 67.8 – 74.4 cm
      Height: 86.4 – 101.6 cm
    • Mid-Back
      Depth: 67.8 cm
      Width: 67.8 – 74.4 cm
      Height: 98 – 114 cm
    • High-Back
      Depth: 67.8 cm
      Width: 67.8 – 74.4 cm
      Height: 114 – 130 cm
    • Width: 67.81 - 74.42 cm
    • Depth: 40.38 cm
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