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Hush acoustic hood can be an intimate space, and an acoustic device. E36 or LED lighting can also be added please request quote.

Hush Acoustic Hood is perfect hung over a meeting table, over workspace, or over spaces in which to gather for a quiet discussion. Hush is ideal for defining soft spaces. The material is a lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panel which softens sound and reduces reverberations. View the Hush Light acoustic report from the University of Canterbury here. Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (including 65% post-consumer recycled material) the material is safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergic.

Now in a more compact size, Hush Mini is ideal for placement over an individual task desk or focus space and aids in softening sound and reducing reverberations.


  • Micro 750mm Round x 350mm Deep
  • Mini 1000mm Round x 400mm Deep

  • Round 1400mm Round x 650mm Deep

  • Oval 2000mm Long x 1400mm Wide x 650mm Deep
  • Kit-Set Self Assembly
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Available in 12 colour options – see spec sheet for colour swatches
  • Made from 100% Polyester, without chemical binders
  • Manufactured in New Zealand under a certified Environmental Management System
  • Manufactured using a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake)
  • Acoustic performance: Acoustic Testing Report
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic
  • Polyester has been tested and classified as low VOC
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