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The PUK Mouse Wrist Support is a soft rubbery disk on a hard plastic base; the base has a very low coefficient of friction so it slides over the worktop as easily as the mouse.

PUK mouse wrist support is supported and the mouse-controlled by the whole arm, so providing the best of both worlds. Sometimes this can be misspelt as puck.

Quite simply, it's a smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest. Resting between your palm and wrist, your PUK mouse wrist support slides around whilst you use your computer mouse, supporting your wrist, elevating it to the height it should be whilst the hollow centre helps to relieve pressure on the carpal tunnel. Ideal for use with the EVO Vertical Mouse, also contains no latex so safe for those with a latex allergy.

To gain the full benefit of the PUK we suggest going into your control panel and slowing down the default mouse speed. This will encourage gross movement of the arm instead of static deviation movements of the wrist.

  • Easy movement due to self-lubricating plastic
  • Comfortable top made from thermoplastic elastomer
  • Omni-direction
  • Encourages gross movements instead of deviation
  • Reduces extension of the wrist

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